June 10, 2011

'Perfect Blue'

Long before there was 'Black Swan' or 'Shutter Island' there was 'Perfect Blue': a Japanese Manga cartoon which was no doubt the inspiration for many psychological horrors that found their way into Hollywood.

Mima Kirigoe is a pop idol, and fronts a little-known group called "CHAM!".  After landing a small role on a TV show, she decides to pursue a career as an actress.  Some fans appear to be displeased with her sudden career change, but as strange things begin to happen, Mima discovers that she has darker things to worry about.

Made in 1997, 'Perfect Blue' is hailed as one of the best Manga cartoons out there, and I certainly agree that it's captivating and nicely structured.  I would have preferred a more ambiguous ending (or a different ending altogether!) but nonetheless this is a great slice of Japanese Anime.

WATCH IT HERE:   'Perfect Blue'

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